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銭湯レビュー・湊湯(Sento review, Minato-Yu)

湊湯 (Minato-Yu)


 The Sento is nearby Tokyo Station. There has been on my mind, so I went to there after working.


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15:00 - 24:30 (Last entry is at 24:00)

定休日(A Regular holiday) : Every Saturday


Last visited day

28 April, 2019

訪問記 (Diary)










I acrossed express bus area, and arrived local bus terminal, named "東15"(Higashi-15). (If you could not find the area, it is a good idea to ask Tokyo Station Staff.) I got off the bus stop "Teppo-zu", (Teppo-zu, translate to English directly, gun island.)

Accoss the pedestrian crossing, and you can find the entrance. The signboard is very cool, that I might be there are a bar. I lost my way because I did not notice an entrance.

Do not betray expectations, the inside is also clean. You should pay an entrance fee, \460 (Note: All sento located in Tokyo are unified an entrance fee). If you do not have any towels, you can borrow it with \100.

Moving to inside, there are also clean and modern appearance. It is great that there are many washing place, thanks to that, we do not wait to washing ourselves.

Let's move on bathes, there are four types of bathes, large bath, hot bath, cold bath and jacuzii. There are also electric bath (You either love it or hate it..). The sento, usually, there are only hot bath nealy 43-44 degree(centigrade), but Minato-Yu is less hot, so we can stay a bit long time. I stayed there nearly 45 minutes. Totally, Mitato-Yu was very good place to rest, and relaxable space. 


★★★☆☆ (3.2/5.0)


  • Clean inside, outside (外観・内観が綺麗)
  • Many washing place (洗い場が多い)
  • Jacuzii (ジャグジーあり)
  • Bath is not too hot, but hot one is also. (メインの浴槽がぬるめ、熱湯もあり)


  • Not easy going.(アクセスが良くない、一番歩かないバスは30分に1本)
  • Perhaps, you can difficult to find entrance, I did.(入り口がわかりにくい) 
  • Only hot water, not hot spring.(白湯のみ)